An Invitation To A Happier Life


You are invited to make a difference in your life through a powerful process! 

WHO: Professionals who are successful yet still aren’t happy, fulfilled and at peace

Are you someone who…

  • Loves what you do, but are feeling stuck and unhappy with other parts of your life?
  • Is successful at work, but your  professional/personal relationships aren’t so great resulting in  conflict, anger, frustration and lack of cooperation?
  • Has achieved success, yet you’re bored or it feels like something is missing in your life?
  • Has accomplished greatness, yet the everyday stress is killing you?
  • Says to yourself, “I would be happy if only...?” 

WHAT: Life Empowerment Coaching

Through this powerful process you will…

  • Overcome and let go of what is keeping you stuck.
  • Rapidly release the negative emotions of  stress, anxiety, fear, anger, pain, and sadness that keep you from a  peaceful and happy life.
  • Let go of past relationship drama and trauma and create healthier new and existing relationships. 
  • Explore new ways of being and doing that make your heart sing!
  • Release old beliefs that no longer serve you  and install new ways of thinking that give you a profound sense of  freedom enabling you to be more productive, creative and joyful. 
  • Increase acceptance of yourself and others. 
  • Create the life you desire filled with the passion, excitement and the adventure of your dreams! 

HOW: The Stress Less and Be More Coaching Process

As your Coach, I help guide you through a four-step process to…

  • Define what happiness is for you.
  • Identify what is standing in the way.
  • Rapidly release the roadblocks and negative influences.
  • Integrate new ways of thinking and new habits  to create forward-focused action effectively bringing you the happiness  you desire.

This powerful process includes innovative tools  that quickly allow you to identify what is keeping you from feeling  successful in all areas of your life.  It is amazing to see how quickly  the “old” can be released through cutting edge techniques like EFT  (Emotional Freedom Techniques – leaving plenty of room  to create the “new and improved life” you desire. 

WHERE: On the phone or in person (Chicago area)

I work with clients all across the United States from the convenience of  their home or office.  Your life of happiness, fulfillment and peace is  simply a phone call away. 


I typically work with my clients on a weekly basis for a minimum  of three months.  This insures that your life transformation is well on  its way and new habits and learning are integrated.   

WHY: You deserve to have a life that you love!

I will show you how to…

  • Love who you are!
  • Love how you feel!
  • Love what you have!
  • Love what you do!
  • Live your life more effectively, with less effort, less stress and more joy!

THE TIME IS NOW! What are you waiting for?

Just call or email me for a 30-minute complimentary consultation if you are serious about seeing how this process can help you finally add the happiness that is missing in your already successful life. 



Mendy Hart, MSW


Life Empowerment Coach